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Mint Julep

Posted by bakinghistory on August 27, 2007


The coolness of mint is balanced by the tartness of lemon in this very pleasant and refreshing drink

This is my entry for the Monthly Mingle event (the theme for September: Liquid Dreams) hosted by Meeta at What’s for Lunch, Honey?


From the original recipe by Maria Willett Howard

In “Lowney’s Cook Book” 1907–USA


1 bunch of mint (I used chocolate mint, a cultivar of peppermint)

2 cups (500 ml) ice water

lemon juice to taste

2 cups (400 g) sugar

4 cups (1 liter) water

To serve: plenty of crushed ice & fresh mint leaves to decorate


Make the mint water: place ice water and mint leaves (well washed) in a blender and blend till the leaves are liquefied, place the mint water in a glass container and refrigerate, covered, overnight.

Make the syrup: dissolve the sugar in 4 cups of water and boil for 5 minutes, let cool then refrigerate in a covered glass container, overnight.

Assemble the drink: Mix the syrup with the strained mint water and add lemon juice to taste. Serve with plenty of crushed ice and a sprig of fresh mint.



6 Responses to “Mint Julep”

  1. Meeta said

    Oh that does look refreshing! Yummy!

  2. bakinghistory said

    hi Meeta, thank you!:-)

  3. chanit said

    I like this photo and your refreshing drink , thank you !:-)

  4. Cham said

    I prepared ur Mint julep. It was really tasty. Thanks for sharing such a nice one.

  5. […] Cham of Spice-club from here Pom […]

  6. bakinghistory said

    @ Cham: Thank you! I just visited the link you added. I am happy you liked the recipe!:-)

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