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Hello Again

Posted by bakinghistory on June 8, 2008

For several weeks I just could not afford the time to bake and blog about it. I wish to thank here all of you who kept visiting Baking History, leaving comments and linking to recipes that you tried and liked. And all of you who wrote to me to let me know my posts were missed. During these past weeks I also received two awards from fellow bloggers Laurie of Mediterranean Cooking in Alaska (ENMAPYMMD Award: for best use of historical recipes) and Miri of Room for Dessert (Excellence Award). Thank you! It meant a lot to me to know that so many people cared and I am delighted to be back to blogging.

The painting above shows a Spring garden: on May 23, last year, I opened this blog. It has been so much fun to share old recipes and to get to know so many talented food bloggers from all over the world who inspired me to continue blogging.

Thank you!!!

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Blogs That Make My Day

Posted by bakinghistory on March 7, 2008


Marye from Kettle and Cup included Baking History among the blogs that make her day. I was very happy and honored to receive this award from her. I read all of her blogs and they all make my day—I always look forward to reading her posts.

Thank you Marye! Your energy, wit, and sense of humor are an inspiration for me!

The best part of receiving an award—besides the recognition in itself—is the opportunity to bestow it on other people, and I am very happy to do so with 10 of my favorite bloggers:

Susan of Wild Yeast for her amazing breads, wonderful pictures, and perfect instructions to recreate her recipes

Sarah of What Smells So Good for writing beautifully and suggesting great healthy recipes

Miri of Room for Dessert for her scrumptious recipes and mouth watering pictures paired with nicely written stories about how her recipes were created (even in dreams!)

Aparna from My Diverse Kitchen for her wonderful recipes. Indian vegetarian food is my favorite, and I am learning a lot from her blog

Laurie of Mediterranean Cooking in Alaska: for her amazing recipes and pictures of wonderful Greek dishes

Zorra of 1x umrühren bitte for her recipes and for many, many great blog events such as World Bread Day and bbd

Jelly of Fragole e Cioccolato for her great gluten-free dishes

Elizabeth of Blog from OUR Kitchen for her humor and all of her recipes—but especially for the Vínarterta

Burékaboy of Is That My Buréka? for writing about so many splendid Jewish recipes, providing flawless instructions to make them—and for writing about the cutest cat ever

The Chocolate Lady of In Mol Araan for writing about recipes (and more) in the beautiful Yiddish language

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Excellent Blogs

Posted by bakinghistory on February 26, 2008


I was delighted and honored to find out that Susan of Wild Yeast included Baking History in her selection of five blogs she considers worthy of receiving the “E for Excellent” Award. Susan, baker extraordinaire, is a source of inspiration for me—I visit her blog daily and never cease to be amazed at her wonderful skills and passion for the joyful art of bread baking. Thus receiving the award from her made it even more special.

Thank you Susan!!!

Recipients, in turn, are entitled to choose five other bloggers they wish to recognize for their inspiring work. It is tough to restrict my choices to only five—all of those listed in my blogroll are favorites. However, among all of them here I wish to mention:

Marye of Apron Strings and Simmering Things: I enjoy reading her posts, not just for the scrumptious dishes but for her sense of humor, enthusiasm and spirit

Nils of Ye Olde Bread Blogge for his wonderful breads and informative tips about techniques

Simona of Briciole for writing a great dictionary of Italian words, interspersed with recipes and memories. She does a truly wonderful job explaining with detail and skill the beauties and intricacies of the Italian language

Robert of TimeFiction— The Time Travel Logs for writing about one of my favorite themes in the area of sci-fi: time travel. The blog is new but the writings that are there so far (The New England Series) are really great.

Ex aequo (so I can mention them both) Louise of Months of Edible Celebrations and T.W. of Culinary Types. Louise’s blog is a gold mine of information about food history and food-related inventions. T.W.’s blog is full of retro recipes and beautifully written stories that provide the perfect context for each dish.


Thank you all for your beautiful blogs.



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